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Старт проекта: 01.03.2017

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О компании:
RentDown The company started its activity in 2015 in Dubai (UAE). Business tactics primarily based on full respect for the law, as well as the constant expansion of production. Our scope of activity - small cargo ships, boats, motor boats, yachts and all existing vessels to relax. The goal - increasing the number of vessels by means of investment in the purchase of a certain percentage, for example, boats. Each investor will receive a guaranteed income from the lease carried out further procedures selected vessel.
To earn the maximum trust of potential investors and not let existing, RentDown prefers to open a business in which the information in the entire volume is available to everyone. This includes the actual cost of purchased boats, rental price, deadlines for rent and, consequently, the whole internal policy of the company. To confirm legal activity RentDown provides a valid license in the open for all to access.
Company RentDown, despite his young age, already quality-proven, so the circle of customers is wide enough, and it allows investors who have bought a share boat or yacht, to make a profit in a very short period of time and, if desired, also expand their income.
It is important to know that the company provides a full legal support, as one, and the second party in the transaction, for it is only competent professionals working in our state. If necessary, provide the lawyers drafting the package of necessary documents and further their formation

Инвестиционные условия
1.3%-1.6% ежедневно бессрочно (депозит включен в выплаты)
2.8%-3.1% ежедневно в течение 110 дней (депозит включен в выплаты)
3.3%-3.6% ежедневно в течение 90 дней (депозит включен в выплаты)

Партнёрская программа:
Покупка N-ой доли объекта партнером:
1 уровень - 5%
2 уровень - 3%
3 уровень - 1%
Бонус начисляется от суммы инвестированной вашим партнером.
Бонус от полученной прибыли партнера:
1 уровень - 3%
2 уровень - 5%
3 уровень - 7%
Бонус начисляется от полученной прибыли вашим партнером

Платежные системы:
PerfectMoney, Payeer

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