Test the Cryptonia Marketplace - an internet tor marketplace, founded exactly in 2018. This market hands a lot of illegal goods from deep net, like drugs, hijacked info, as well as counterfeit, which can be sold by Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) cryptocurrencies. The Cryptonia Marketplace marketplace itself isn’t arduous, In addition it is totally anonymous. Cryptonia has a distributed style, wallet-less escrow (direct deposit), not hard to use Bitcoin Multisig payments, Monero, 2FA, cruel cryptography grants stable anti-fishing measures, EXIF metadata stripper for pictures, PGP encryption etc.
Cryptonia Market already has an escrow and multisig features, with all of the problems resolved by support staff. The market gives a needed site http://cryptonia.market-url.org with different onion URLs, on which every member can find working Cryptonia Market onion mirror.